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In a London Fog

In a London Fog


Elizabeth R. Lawrence ©2008

ISBN 978-1-4357-6068-4

Perhaps if they were less sensitive, less romantic, less tuned in to each other, less mature or even more experienced it would have been easier. He couldn’t afford to lose anything. He had nothing. Less than nothing. But it made up his world. He was an innocent, even in the murky world around him, a good and decent man without guile who played cops and robbers for a living. Was it that or his sex appeal that stopped her in her tracks? She didn’t know, and she didn’t know what he’d do if she just turned away but she didn’t want to hurt him or see him hurt himself for her sake. When she’d tried to say it he put his arms around her and took the words away. Love had found them and they were lost in the heartbreak of what they were doing.
“…But women’s ways are witless ways…”

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Swimming With Sharks

Swimming With Sharks


Elizabeth R. Lawrence ©2007

ISBN 978-1-4357-1803-6

"Swimming With Sharks" is an allegorical title to tell an adult story in which characters and events symbolize the deeper, underlying meaning. This is not a fish tale.

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Nobody's Children

Nobody’s Children
Elizabeth R. Lawrence ©2000

ISBN 978-1-4357-0532-6

"If we see ourselves through the eyes of those who love us when we have no one we can truly become invisible to ourselves. We may not always have known who we were, but somehow we knew who we weren’t. That, in itself, kept us honor bound to our roots, even when we didn’t know it”. More....
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The Joe Bovino Field Guide to Chicks

The Joe Bovino
Field Guide
Of The United States

My new book on chick watching and cross-cultural dating. This book uses a bird guide format to take a humorous but insightful look at ethnic and regional subcultures of American women. After three years of painstaking research and my life time experiences, the book is finally ready. Click on the links above and sign up for your FREE book preview, including two chick profiles and other free goodies!










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